Things you can’t miss…

Sunset in the desert

Going into the largest and most dangerous desert of the world is one of the experiences that any traveller shouldn’t miss. After a journey of several hours by 4×4 you’ll find yourself away from everything before a sea of dunes that will change its colours depending on the time of the day. At the evening the sun sets slowly, it gets the sky on fire and then it disappears behind dunes: shortly after that there’s total darkness.


Excursion on a back of dromedary

Dromedary is the only animal that is able to endure a journey in Sahara. These big beasts have an incredible strength; they are really intelligent and patient. They are patient with its masters and also with tourists that want to ride them for the first time. The experience of riding a dromedary under Sahara’s blue sky is unique.



Something new begins at daybreak in Morocco. Darkness slowly becomes light and, suddenly, you start to see the desert. In that moment we know that the sun is ready to rise and soon it will warm up our faces and will fill houses, paths and every corner with its golden light. Very soon we will hear the call to prayer and a new day will begin.


Eating with your fingers

The first time you try is weird. It has been so long since you ate with your fingers, when we grow up, that it can be uncomfortable. However, the memory of eating with your own fingers is still somewhere in the back of our mind, and when you bring those memories back, it’s wonderful. Moroccans eat with the right hand using the first three fingers only. You’ll find this way really useful as you can feel food’s texture and temperature before eating it.


Grilled fish in Essaouria

Essaouria means “well-designed” in Arabic and it’s a town by the Atlantic known by the quality of its fish: sardines, squids, sea basses, lobsters, crabs, pod razors…you can find every type of fish. Furthermore it is very easy to cook, grilled quickly on both sides with a bit of chermoula sauce. It’s like paradise on your palate.


Stay in a nomadic home

Another must you have to experience in Morocco is spending the night in a tent in the desert. The silence and the whistling wind passing by the camp, the starry sky…these are reasons to feel as if you were alone in the middle of nowhere and it makes you wonder and taste the freedom away from the unnecessary things.


Wander around the Atlas

Sometimes we forget about the mountain landscape of Morocco because of the vastness of desert. But Atlas Mountains are like European Alps but bigger! In Atlas you can see mountains higher than 4.000 meters by bike, hiking, climbing or by 4×4. There also are glaciers, rivers, waterfalls and valleys where you can find authentic communities.


The smells and the colours of cities

Morocco is a paradise for the five senses; you can see the colours of a city change depending on the time of the day, full of smells. You can go from Chefchaouen, the “Blue city”, to the “red city”, Marrakesh, through warm brownish tones in Fez. The medinas hide different colours and countless essences.