Nuyouma is a project born on a trip to Morocco and offers the possibility of living Morocco through our experiences.

We are Nuria, Youssef and Maite, three friends and three people with very different profiles. Each of us brings something of ourselves to this project. The Light, the illusion of traveling and enjoying every experience and every moment, the desire to know, discover and experience. The Calm, the ability to find the sensitivity of each place, the intensity of landscapes and emotions. And the Energy, the knowledge of all Morocco and the connection with the people of the country. Our guide on this trip.

With the combination of the three of us, we created Nuyouma and we aim to offer, through our website, the possibility to live unique experiences. Our goal is to bring the traveler to the country’s culture, give the opportunity to live a different experience. We go along with you to live the country through our eyes, to dive into it, to get in touch with people, culture and essence. Morocco is not a country that you visit, it is a country to be lived and we want to be your guide in this adventure. We offer the opportunity to experience Morocco, to see unique landscapes and get away from the crowd. We offer a tailored trip, to suit the traveler, according to their possibilities and preferences. Our organized routes, in which we have been working and we share with enthusiasm, go through the whole country highlighting the places we believe the best. On the other hand, you also have the chance to choose (in the section “you choose” of our webpage) all your priorities, your available days, the type you desire (adventure, relax, trekking, ..), your budget and in that way we will be able to take you to places that suit you the most!
We offer the traveler all our resources, our experience and our energy to make your trip to Morocco a unique experience

“Traveling to Morocco is like traveling to the past. In the best sense of the word! Moving 50 years back in just a few hours. Timeless country, where time is relative and the clock has never existed. As it is said there, “foreigners have the clock and they have the time.” And it’s true, away from the rush, routine, agendas and schedules, live people who do not think beyond the present moment. Because every day is an adventure, the adventure of our lives. That is the only and the best adventure. And in which we decide how to live. Morocco is a magical country, rich as they come, a country that perhaps unwittingly, has traveled widely and who greets you in all languages. A country to admire and to learn from. A country that makes you think about your past, your present and your future.

Do you want to join us?